I was recommended reflexology to treat very painful sinusitis, which I had been suffering for several years. Sal’s approach of advising me to cut out (and at weekends to cut down on!) dairy products immediately benefitted me.

The reflexology sessions were really fascinating as I could actually feel my sinuses clear as Sal worked on my toes. I found the sessions extremely relaxing and I am still enjoying the benefits of the aromatherapy aftercare.

I can recommend Sal and reflexology to anyone who suffers from troublesome sinuses and to anyone who finds it hard to relax in order to stay healthy.

Jill, Belfast.


When I went for Massage Therapy with Sal I was treated in a very individual way.  My specific needs were assessed, a full medical history was taken and certain aromatherapy oils were used to tailor my requirements.  I had been extremely stressed in my job and was spending long hours in front of a computer.

The massage techniques, which Sal used allowed her to get to the exact point of tension and it left me feeling totally relaxed and able to unwind and cope with the stress easier.  She applied gentle swaying motions and deep tissue massage, which, I feel helped me to feel balanced and calm.

Eileen, Saintfield


When I first decided to have an Iridology consultation I had no idea what to expect.  A friend of mine had gone to Sal for a consultation and she told me that, as a result, she had gained great insight into many aspects of her health, both physically, and emotionally.

I was fascinated by the fact that examining the Iris of my eye would reveal so much about my health, diet and lifestyle.  This allowed my to address certain areas which needed attention and to consider changes that I needed to make in order to feel healthier in general.

Sal treated my in a unique way.  She helped me connect with areas of my health which I had already had suspicions about.  I was suffering from Candida, which is a yeast infection in the intestine.  I knew I was feeling unwell, and always felt tired.  I began reassessing my diet and now feel so much better as a result.

Mark, Newry


Having had irregular periods since I was a teenager, I would often go six months without having a period.

I was worried that this would affect my chances of conceiving, I began having regular reflexology treatments and within a short time my cycle became regular.  I feel that the relaxation of the treatments and the regulation of my cycle helped me to conceive.

I had reflexology the day I was in labour and I feel that this helped me to both relax and focus on the birth.  The Aromatherapy blends, which Sal used, were tailored to my individual needs and I found the smells of the oils very uplifting.

Victoria, Belfast

I have known Sal for some time first as a student of reflexology and later as a complimentary health therapist. I have watched her grow and blossom as her enthusiasm for learning, living a genuine holistic lifestyle and experience with clients have developed her skills. She is a caring and talented reflexologist.

Colleen Cairns
Complimentary Health teacher
South Eastern Regional College


I was suffering with severe Endometriosis and in the lead up to major surgery I visited Sal for 7 treatments of reflexology.  On the first visit I felt that she was the one of the few professionals who listened and showed empathy with my condition and I knew I was going to receive the best treatment.

Each session was very relaxing and Sal tailored it to help me cope with other problems and issues at the time such as lack of sleep and anxiety.

I would recommend reflexology with Sal to anyone and hope to return soon for some treatments to help with my recovery after surgery!

Anita, Belfast


I had reflexology in my third trimester of pregnancy with Sal. She always made herself very flexible for appointments and our sessions very relaxing. The best part was that my labour was very short due to the work Sal had done. Sal was very professional and knowledgeable and I have recommended her to a number of friends.

Lisa, Belfast


After 3 inductions and very interventionist births I tried reflexology in the later stages of my fourth pregnancy. I found the treatments relaxing but more importantly gave me something to focus on and made me less impatient during the final weeks. I went into spontaneous labour and had a natural delivery, which had alluded me previously!

Dolores, Belfast


When I went to Sal it was originally for a massage treatment.  The massage was great and I felt totally relaxed and slept really well that night.  I had been suffering from dry skin as Sal kindly pointed out.  She advised me that she could make me a cream that may help.  So I used the cream, which was made from all natural products and she added essential oils specifically to help with my dry skin.  It worked within a matter of days and now I get lots of my natural products from her including shampoo and moisturisers.

Jill, Ballyclare

I attented Sal due to stress and problems sleeping.  My sleep pattern was very interupted and stress at work had left me tired and anxious.  After only a few sessions I noticed my sleep pattern greatly improved.  I feel I have greatly benefited from attending Sal as I now feel my stress levels have reduced dramatically and I do not seem affected by work pressures anymore.  I feel like a different person compared to what I was 6 months ago.  I would highly recommend Sal as a reflexologist as she has a caring manor and is highly skilled in her profession.

Diane, Belfast