Reflexology and Fertility

For many, fertility and trying to conceive can be a difficult process. Lifestyle, diet and stress may all contribute to your chances and outcome. However reflexology is a natural intervention treatment to help bring the body back into balance as well as helping you to relax.

In my past and present experience, I have seen clients beginning to reflect on small or big changes that they needed to make in order to bring their body into balance for the purpose of their overall wellbeing as well as for the purposes of fertility.

Reflexology has been known to help restore balance to the endocrine system. These are the set of glands that produce the body’s natural hormones and as we know hormones play a major role in fertility. If the hormones become balanced then it stands to reason that conception will occur more readily.

Reflexology has been said to support the nervous system in a time of added strain, anxiety and worry, i.e. fertility for the mind.


Who uses Reflexology for Fertility?

Some use reflexology with medical intervention

Some use it instead of medical intervention

Others use it in conjunction with IVF and other forms of conventional fertility treatment plans


What to expect from a treatment

  • A full medical history will be taken.
  • An individual treatment will be given to each client, depending on his or her own specific needs and requirements.
  • The session will last 1-hour approximately.
  • An individual aftercare plan will be given to each client depending on the findings in the session.

Client response

“Having had irregular periods since I was a teenager, I would often go six months without having a period.

I was worried that this would affect my chances of conceiving, I began having regular reflexology treatments and within a short time my cycle became regular. I feel that the relaxation of the treatments and the regulation of my cycle helped me to conceive.

I had reflexology the day I was in labour and I feel that this helped me to both relax and focus on the birth. The Aromatherapy blends, which Sal used, were tailored to my individual needs and I found the smells of the oils very uplifting”.

Victoria, Belfast